5 Tips for Wakeboarding Beginners

Sun, sand and sea. It’s the perfect time to give wakeboarding a try. Here are a number of suggestions for you if you’re new to the sport and want to learn:

Bring Your Own

Some riders often try to save on costs by buying and sharing a board. But if you really want to learn, then investing in your own board is a better idea. Sharing one often means one or both riders compromise on the kind of board they want and end up buying one that isn’t any good at all.

Match to your skill

Boards fall into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. So make sure your board matches the level of your skill. Since you’re just starting out, there’s no need to spend a lot on other gear like fins and bases, says Wakeboarding Mag. And don’t try to save up on money by buying an advanced board for when you finally get better. Instead, go for beginner boards. They’ll be a bit slower so learning is much easier.

Get the right size

The board should be proportional to your size. If it’s too big, it’ll be too heavy to spin around and if it’s too small, it’ll sink that much faster. If you’re not sure which one to pick, remember to always go for the longer board. It offers better stability than small ones.

Invest in bindings

Bindings help reduce the chance of injury so you’ll want to make sure you get good ones. It has to be snug and still comfortable. Get fitted for a pair for greater protection as you go wakeboarding into bigger air.

Try it

Test the style and type that you think feels most comfortable for you. Like hard or round edges? Want it wider or narrow? Take your experience into account from every angle so you’ll get the board you want to grow into as you learn your way through this sport.

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