5 Things to Remember Before AC Maintenance

Your AC isn’t going to run hitch-free forever. But you can take certain measures to ensure it does so for as long as possible:

Clean it
Regular cleaning will save you a ton of money, all while improve the service life of your HVAC unit, says the DIY Network. And with plenty of online guides and How-To tutorials, you won’t have a problem in handling the task by yourself.

Change/replace filters
You’ll need to clean or replace your AC filters regularly. Clogged and dirty filters won’t just obstruct the air and result in poor air flow in your home or facility, it will also compromise the operational efficiency of your system in the long run, which means you won’t get to maximize the use of your HVAC system.

Get a pro
Finding a contractor to perform regular AC maintenance near Arlington Heights is also a huge factor in taking care of your unit. A well-trained technician will do minor repairs as well as keep your unit in shape, preventing bigger problems from happening.

Beware of dodgy contractors
Not all contractors are going to be right for the project, though. Trained technicians will know how to perform a basic check of the unit, from checking out the amount of the refrigerant, testing for leaks with the right tools or taking a closer look at the electric terminals to see if the connections are clean and tight. If the technician barely checks your system before suggesting an expensive repair procedure, don’t say yes right away. If they’re pushy, show them the door and look for help somewhere else.

Look for credentials
One way to tell if you hiring the right air conditioning contractor for your project is to ask and check for credentials, experience and training. Cover all three and you’ll be good to go.

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