5 Reasons to Get a Home Caregiver

If your parents are starting to have a hard time driving around, maintaining order in their house, or performing their hygiene routine, then you should consider hiring home care assistance in Mclean, VA. Here’s why you’ll want to sit down with your parents and the rest of your family to have that conversation.

Maintain the home

Piles of laundry or dishes in the sink aren’t a sign of physical impairment. But if that’s coupled with the dismal state of their garden or the dirty state of the floors, then it might be a sign that your parents are having joint pain or might not have the strength to clean up the way they used to. Get them help by hiring home care assistance in Mclean, VA.

Drive them around

The risk of car crashes increases as people age. For instance, if your dad takes medication that can make him dizzy at times, then it’s not going to be ideal for him to drive. Have someone drive your parents around to their events like their bridge club or doctors’ appointments to keep them safe.

Provide personal care

If your parents can no longer take a bath on their own, then a caregiver can help. They can also groom their nails and make sure they wear clean and comfortable clothes every day.

Manage medication intake

Many seniors take medication for their health. But if your parents often forget whether they’ve already taken their medication, that could put them at risk of a health decline, since they might take more than what’s prescribed. Securing the services of a home caregiver means you won’t need to worry about that. Their caregiver can monitor their medication intake to prevent these problems.

Provide companionship

If you spend a lot of time at work, that means your parents stay at home for a good chunk of their time. If you aren’t there, then you should get a companion to take care of them. Simple conversations will keep them from feeling lonely and getting depressed.

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