5 Reasons Staining Your Deck is Much Better Than Painting It

by | May 12, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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There are plenty of reasons why most homeowners choose to stain instead of paint their decks. If you’re still torn between the two options, not sure whether to go for one over the other, here are some of the best reasons to hire deck staining services in Kansas City:

Ideal for busy areas

Stains work well for high traffic areas in your home, says Popular Mechanics. If the surface receives plenty of wear due to constant or regular traffic, it’s much better to stain the wood for a good finish.

Preserve the look

Painting hides the wood’s color and grain pattern. By staining the wood, you get to keep its color, grain pattern and texture. Those are plenty of excellent reasons that make staining your deck or railing worth it.

Improve durability

Stains find their way deep into the wood and fills in microscopic gaps. That helps keep your wood stable.

Get better protection

Plenty of stains do a pretty good job of repelling rot and mold. These two could lead to major structural problems in your home if they aren’t handled right. Choosing the right stain keeps your railing and deck protected so you can save up on a lot of problems and costs in the future.

UV-ray resistant

Solid color stains offer ample protection against UV rays so keep that tidbit in mind when you shop around for stains. Discuss it with the Kansas City deck staining contractor you found. By talking about your options, you’ll end up with much better choices for your home improvement project.

Getting help

Hiring pros to stain your deck is a convenient and simple solution. If you haven’t got the time, tools or inclination to get the job done, but want to make sure your deck stays in tip-top shape, this is a practical solution to consider.

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