5 Reasons for Denial of Disability Benefits in Grand Rapids MI

Numerous mental disorders can make a person eligible for Disability Benefits in Grand Rapids MI, such as schizophrenia, autism, and mood or anxiety disorders. Of all the claims the SSA receives, roughly one-third involve a diagnosis of a mental disorder. However, these claims are often denied, and they’re much more difficult to prove than claims for physical illnesses. Here is a discussion of the five most common reason for claim denial, as well as some tips on improving the chances of approval.

Evidence is Extremely Subjective

A physical impairment is easy to document with x-rays, blood work, and other medical test results. By comparison, many mental disorder signs and symptoms are highly subjective, and few tests can accurately assess the severity of such a condition. This makes it harder for a person to prove his or her disability to the SSA.

Failing to Provide Supporting Evidence

Many disability claims are denied because of incomplete or weak supporting evidence. IQ and impairment test results, mental health records, and reports from providers are the primary evidence types used to prove disability claims, but there are other items to submit. The SSA reviews evidence from a variety of sources, including written testimonies, case files, and personal accounts.

Non-Compliance With Treatment Recommendations

A successful disability determination depends on compliance with a treatment regimen. A client must receive and follow treatment protocols for the SSA to consider them disabled. Failing to find and follow treatment from a doctor or mental health provider can result in a denial or stoppage of benefits.

Substandard Care

Not all mental health care providers offer the same care standards. If a client receives substandard care, it can affect his or her quality of life, as well as the disability claim. Physicians should regularly evaluate patients, explain treatments, monitor results and make appropriate adjustments while maintaining a file to share with the SSA.

Cultural Biases

Millions of people live with mental issues that make life difficult, but society typically discredits the existence of these illnesses. Many claims examiners have similar biases, which frequently cause problems for those claiming Disability Benefits in Grand Rapids MI.

Consulting a disability lawyer is an important step for clients to take. Attorneys can help claimants find the evidence they need, get testimony from mental health providers, explain the disability to the SSA and prepare an appeal if necessary. Call the Bleakley Law Offices P C to schedule a consultation.

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