5 Mistakes to Avoid in Roofing in Franklin

When shingle roofs need repair, the underlying cause isn’t always apparent. Most of the time, a leak is the first sign of trouble, but the leak’s location may not be the same as that of the problem. Improperly installed or damaged shingles can allow water to accumulate a significant distance from the leak, causing further degradation of the roof. Repairs done without a complete inspection are rarely successful, and homeowners are often left to pay thousands in additional repair costs. To avoid such a situation, the homeowner should know which mistakes are commonly made in shingle roofing in Franklin.

Faulty or Inadequate Base

Surface repairs do nothing to address problems related to poor underlayment or damaged decking. For the best result, shingles should be completely removed to allow the roofer to examine the sheathing and decking.

Poorly Installed Shingles

Good shingle alignment, especially in the first course, is critical to the success of the repair. The roofer should take care to offset joints and ensure that shingles lie flat. Ignoring these steps can cause leaks that are almost impossible to detect until the damage has already been done.

Insufficient Fastening

The quality of a repair job depends on the underlayment, decking, and attachment of shingles. Inadequate fastening lets the wind raise shingles, and it lets moisture work its way down through the roof, allowing leaks to form.

Incorrectly Installed Flashing

Flashing is necessary to channel water away from crucial areas. Sufficient flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights, valleys and other installations can keep these areas from permitting water penetration.

Ignoring the Manufacturer’s Specifications

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s rules may void the warranty. Proper installation and prep can ensure the quality of the repair job and keep the warranty intact.

Rely on an Experienced Roofer

By hiring a licensed, reliable local roofer, homeowners can avoid the dangers of poor shingle roof repairs, most of which are common when dealing with inexperienced contractors. The team at Heparmer.com can handle the job, whether it’s post-storm repairs or flashing replacement. With years of experience in roof installation and repair, they will ensure that roofing in Franklin is done in accordance with industry standards.

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