5 Key Elements To Any Physicians Answering Service

Making the decision on a specific physicians answering service over another is always a challenge, particularly if you haven’t had to take on this task before. However, even if you have used a live operator type of system before, you will find that with an automated system you have many more options, features and functions to consider.

The benefit is that with all the features and functions, personalization and customization of the system is incredible. No longer will your office have to be flexible to mesh with the call-in center, now the automated system can be set up specifically and uniquely for your office.

In order to get the best physicians answering service, consider the following five functions or features that are must-have items for any medical office or facility.

Emergency and Non-Emergency Messages
With the option for patients to choose to leave a non-emergency message, to escalate the call to an emergency message, or to simply find out basic information off a recording you streamline the experience for the patients.

It also is beneficial as this type o physicians answering service stops a lot of non-emergency calls to the on-call doctors, freeing up their time and allowing them to respond to the true emergencies quickly.

Consistent and Accurate Message
With an automated answering system you can develop your own personalized message that is unique for your doctors, your patients and your facility. Systems can even be set up to allow multiple doctors to have their own messages, and patients simply select the doctor, further providing information as needed.

Option for Second Language
In many locations, offering patients the option to hear information in English or another language is a real benefit. With an automatic system, you can be assured the outgoing message is accurate in any language, and you also don’t have to worry about mistakes in translation through a live operator system.

Multiple Notification Options
The option for multiple notifications is really a very big benefit to automated systems. Doctors on call can receive phone calls on different numbers, including cell phones, home phones or pagers, as well as receiving text messages and emails.

Additionally, the system can be set up so if the on-call doctor doesn’t respond the system automatically contacts an alternate healthcare professional, ensuring an patient emergency call never slips through the cracks.

Patient Call Back Through System
By calling in on a registered device, or logging into the system remotely, the on-call doctor can call the patient back in an emergency situation with just a simple push of a button. The doctor’s cell phone number will not be displayed on caller ID; rather it will be the number of the clinic or office, providing protection while also identifying the call for the patient.

If you haven’t considered all the benefits of the new automated physicians answering service, they are well worth reviewing. Their low prices, excellent features and effective handling of calls make them a top choice in any medical office.

At No More Phone Tag, we have the expertise and knowledge to set up a physicians answering service that is fully customized to your needs.

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