5 Considerations to Make Before Stocking Your Pro Shop with Golf Umbrellas

As a pro shop owner or manager, you know the importance of stocking items that will sell. You take a lot of pride in your selection of clubs and bags, balls, tees and the like, and you need to take just as much care when choosing other items to sell, such as golf umbrellas. Here are five considerations to make before you buy golf umbrellas for your pro store.

Color Combinations

We’ll start our discussion with the colors you choose for the golf umbrellas you purchase. The chances are good that you’re looking at “tried and true” color options – solid red, blue, green and, of course, black. While those are good choices, your customers deserve and expect some variety. Why not go with unique color combinations to add a bit of flair to the course? Black and white, green and white, blue and white, yellow and blue – these are just a few of the myriad possibilities.

Handle Type

When choosing golf umbrellas, it is important to consider the handle type. It is tempting to go with a curved handle, under the impression that it provides better grip, but this may be a mistake. Instead, straight handled umbrellas may be a better option. They are easier to store for your customers, and they are also easier to carry in a vehicle. They are just as easy to grip while in use, too.


One consideration that you might not make is the securement method used. Wind often accompanies rain, and even a mild breeze can be enough to pull an umbrella out of a user’s hand. A lanyard can be placed around the wrist to ensure better security while using the umbrella.

Umbrella Size

In many places, smaller umbrellas are more popular. This is due to their easier portability and storage. However, when used on a golf course, umbrellas with a wider protective area are more popular. Stock models that provide ample protection for a single person without them having to hunch or duck for cover.

Seasonal Demand

Finally, you should consider seasonal demand. Perhaps the most obvious such demand would come around July 4th. Umbrellas designed to be reminiscent to the American flag would be very popular with your customers during this time. Of course, you should limit your inventory to make sure you don’t overbuy seasonal items.

With the information above, you should find stocking your pro store to be simpler and easier.

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