4 Signs You Need to Hire a New Home Care Aide

by | May 13, 2019 | Healthcare

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A home care aide Philadelphia PA can provide invaluable assistance. This is especially true when the aide is responsible and helpful.

If your home care aide doesn’t meet your expectations, it’s not too late to hire another one. Here are 4 signs that you need to hire a new home care aide.

  1. Your home care aide isn’t dependable.
    When you’re caring for your loved one, you may need a break to run errands or get some rest. If you’re home care aide consistently arrives a late to take care of your loved one, it could be a sign that the aide isn’t committed to the position.
  2. Your home care aide can be rude or demeaning.
    When it comes to caring for patients in need, home care aides must be compassionate and caring. There is no excuse for rude tones and rough behavior that causes your loved one to feel frightened.
  3. Your home care aide doesn’t pay attention to your loved one.
    Cell phones are useful devices. However, they can provide an escape for people during the day. If your home care aide is constantly being distracted by texts, phone calls or social media, you should find a person who is willing to give your loved one his or her undivided attention.
  4. Your home care aide has breached your trust.
    Breaches of trust include stealing, snooping through your loved one’s belongings and lying. If you notice any of these behaviors, take immediate action.

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