4 Reasons to Use Directional Boring for Underground Installations

According to the American Society of Engineers, directional boring is the most rapidly growing method of underground, trenchless pipe and cable installation. You may also see directional boring called horizontal directional drilling (HDD), slant drilling, deviated drilling, or horizontal drilling. In some areas, like the sprawling urban landscape of Mississippiā€™s capital, directional boring is the only way to efficiently install underground cables for the extension of communications and computer networks, for instance. Thanks to services that employ specialized boring equipment, directional boring in Jackson, MS makes underground installation simple for your newest business building.

The following are a few of the best reasons why you should consider directional boring for the installation of underground conduits to your business.

1. Directional boring technology is improving. Since horizontal drilling became useful within the oil and gas industries in the 1920s, newer and better equipment and drilling methods have been refined for the most efficiency. For example, directional boring units now utilize sensors and global positioning technology to adjust the angle of drilling around unique, underground obstacles.

2. Directional boring means a smaller construction footprint than an open trench. Intuitively, utilizing trenchless installation techniques like directional boring means less soil disturbance and a minimal residual effect on your property. Plus, the installation experts at Gorilla Building will clean up after the job is done.

3. Its efficiency is unrivaled! A horizontal drilling machine can remain in one place while installing different pipes, further reducing fractures to existing underground rock formations and protecting the ecosystem.

4. Safety concerns are much more minimal than those associated with cutting an open trench for cable or piping installation. More safety means less liability and fewer worries during the construction process.

The next time you are organizing an underground installation project, consider directional boring for your Jackson, MS business.

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