4 Reasons To Choose Non Rawhide Dog Bones

Dog owners want to provide their four-legged companions with healthy dog bones and chews for oral health as well as for chewing satisfaction. Finding a way to combine the two and also add in a great flavor dog love may sound too good to be true, but these products do exist.

Most dog owners are aware of the dangers of rawhide for dogs. Up to 15% of rawhide chews are still undigested in the dog’s digestive tract after 24 hours, which can pose a risk for blockage. In addition, bits of rawhide can swell in the throat, which may also create the potential for choking, particularly in aggressive chewers where large chunks of rawhide can be swallowed.

Finding non rawhide dog bones is well worth the time. There are four main reasons these non rawhide dog bones will make you feel great as a dog owner, and they will also benefit your pet.

Mess-Free Treats

There is nothing worse than slimy mounds of partially chewed rawhide in a carpet, on a couch, or in the dog’s bedding. Choosing baked pork skin dog treats as an alternative provides a fully consumable treat without any nasty remains.

Healthy Alternative

Pork skin, when baked, has a 70% reduction in fat. The result is a tasty, healthy option for a weaned puppy to a senior dog of any size. Unlike rawhide, these dog bones do not use chemical flavorings and additives. Instead, they use the natural flavor of the pork skin, similar in taste to pork rinds.

High Digestibility

The biggest benefit in the choice of non rawhide dog bones is the digestibility factor. Only about 85% of rawhide is digested in 24 hours, while the baked pork dog bones have a digestibility rate of 99.9% in the same amount of time.

Dog Satisfaction

These alternatives to rawhide still provide a weaned puppy or a dog the necessary chewing they crave. At the same time, they are great tasting, highly digestible and free from any mess associated with rawhide bones.

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