4 Reasons Moms Should Choose a Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth comes with a lot of benefits to mothers. If you think a C-section is going to be better, here are excellent reasons to change your mind:

Zero risks for the baby

Unmedicated birth means little to zero health risks. That means less worries and a healthier mom and baby. Because an epidural slows down labor, a Pitochin drip, which is a type of a uterine stimulant, is often used to speed up the contractions. This leaves less time between contractions, as they come on strong and fast so moms have very little recovery time in between and there’s less oxygen that reaches the fetus. A lot of complications could spring from that. By going for an unmedicated birth, you can eliminate the risk of fetal distress, says Very Well.

Shorter labor

Medication can lead to a slower delivery and longer labor times. By allowing the labor to progress naturally, one contraction at a time, you can look forward to a faster delivery and shorter stay in the hospital.

No C-sections

A C-section costs more and requires longer recovery times. That’s because the body takes a longer time to heal from the surgery. By going for a vaginal birth, you can be up on your feet in less time. You can take a shower or walk around after labor. That’s because the birthing process leads to the release of endorphins in the body. In medicated births, lower counts of endorphins are released.

Easy start to breastfeeding

Since medication is often passed on to the baby, newborns can be slightly ‘drugged’, which impedes their suckling behavior. Infants born through vaginal births demonstrate greater alertness and interest in breastfeeding, giving you an easy start to the experience. If you want zero side-effects or no medication passing on to your baby, go for a natural childbirth. Know more about the process. Start by attending classes.

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