4 Reasons for a Tooth Extraction You Might Not Know

by | May 26, 2016 | Dentistry

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There are plenty of reasons you might need your teeth pulled. The usual ones involve tooth decay, trauma or extensive damage to your teeth. Others involve the following:

   Your gum is crowded. If your tooth can’t break through your gums because there’s simply no space for it, then extracting that tooth becomes necessary. So is extracting one or two in order to ensure the rest have enough space to be properly aligned, which is usually the case if you’ve big teeth.

*    There’s already an infection. Even the sturdiest tooth can fall under too much cavity and tartar. If there’s extensive tooth decay, if it has already reached the center of your tooth where the nerves are, that means bacteria in your mouth can enter the pulp and your blood vessels with ease. You’ll end up with an infection as a result. Root canal therapy is an excellent solution to save the tooth in these cases. But if the infection is too far-gone, then root canal therapy might prove insufficient. Extraction becomes the next best treatment possible for you.

   There’s a risk of infection. If you’re undergoing chemotherapy or a heart transplant, better to pull any tooth that could put you at risk of infection, warns the WebMD. At this point, even a simple infection can have possible massive negative effects on your treatment. With an extraction, you’re effectively reducing those risks, if not exactly eliminating them.

*    You’ve got a medical condition. An infection that involves the tissues as well as bones that surround your teeth or support them can loosen your teeth. You might have to get them extracted.

Make sure you find a reliable tooth extraction orthodontist in Plantation to perform the procedure. Proper training is essential to ensuring the dental treatment is done in a way that’s safe, competent and efficient in every way possible.

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