4 Ingredients for the Perfect Charlotte Bar

Whether you are a barfly or just looking for a festive place to enjoy a drink, you probably want to find the perfect watering hole. In Charlotte, that’s relatively difficult. Many Charlotte bars offer a wonderful experience, but only a few rise to the level of perfection. Here are four commonalities shared by the best bars in Charlotte.

1. Beers on Tap

Is there anything better than a frosty pint on a hot day?  If your bar doesn’t have a broad selection of beers on tap, you might never know. The best places in Charlotte have a variety of pourable domestic, import, and craft beers. If your bartender is really on top of things, he or she will give you a pint at a perfectly cold 38 degrees.

2. Craft Cocktails

Some days, beer just won’t cut it. If you want a satisfying mixed drink, you should go to a bar that knows how to expertly craft cocktails. Even better, watch your favorite places for craft cocktail specials to try new libations. Murphy’s Kitchen & Tap, for example, frequently offers specials on cocktails made by skilled mixologists.

3. Delicious Food

The best Charlotte bars recognize that customers want more than popcorn and beer nuts. Those in restaurants offer a variety of culinary delights certain to tickle anyone’s taste buds. Try to find a place that is open lunch and dinner so you can try items from both menus. If you want to be sure to get the best spot in the place, reserve a table online.

4. Excellent Staff

No waterhole or restaurant is complete without an exceptional staff. At the best places, the bartenders, waiters, hosts, and managers steal the show. By giving you a great drinking or dining experience, staff at these places guarantee you will want to return again and again.

If you are looking for the best Charlotte bars, watch for four ingredients.

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