4 Essential Tools You Need to Start a Car Wash Business

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Business

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Setting up a car wash can be a pretty difficult task. You have to figure out financing, construction, setting it up and then managing it. Car wash business can however be very lucrative when you locate it in the right place and purchase equipment that would increase efficiency especially car wash controllers. To set up a lucrative car wash, you would need the following essential tools:

A Business Plan
First, you need a plan for your car wash to serve as a blueprint and guideline for the business. A lot of people make the mistake of venturing into car wash business without a business plan. You might think this little document is not important, but it actually is. It could make the difference between a car wash business that is built to succeed and one that is headed for failure.

Your car wash business plan should contain necessary information like your expected returns on investments, your business objectives, future plans, management strategy, financing and disaster management plans. Apart from using your business plan to monitor and control your business, you can also use it to seek funding for your business.

The Right Equipment
Another thing you need to set up your car wash business is quality equipment. You would need equipment like chemicals, vacuums, dryers, pumps, blowers, car wash controllers, a water system and brushes to mention few. Having vehicle wash automation would increase efficiency in your garage as they help to automatically control your car wash equipment and operations.

A Good Location
You also need a strategic location for your car wash business. The best location for a car wash would be a place that is easily accessible with easy entrances and exits, less competition, easy access to water and adequate space for road-side advertisements. Most importantly, it should be located on a major road or an area that receives heavy traffic.

Professional Knowledge
Some expert knowledge on how to operate equipment and how to manage a car wash is also needed. You need to know how to price your services, device safety rules and guidelines to comply with, how to handle and operate equipment, how to estimate revenues, ideal conveyor speed, and the right range of water hardness. If you don’t already have this knowledge, you should consider going for a few months training or hire an expert who can act as a consultant for your business.

Using these tools can help you run your car wash business effectively. It also allows you schedule the tasks job and relate with clients in an effective manner.

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