4 Blast Cabinet Buying Tips to Live By

Media blasting is an excellent way to strip rust and old paint, the Popular Mechanics says. The results are also often fast and easy. If you’re shopping for a blast cabinet, here are a few top tips you’ll want to keep in mind

Go bigger

Size is a major consideration when you buy a blast cabinet. There’s one rule to choosing the cabinet size: pick one that’s going to provide you with more than enough space to allow the operator to move the arm and a use a sandblast gun inside. That’s going to mean buying a cabinet that is at least a foot and a half on all sides. Failure to do so could compromise the effectiveness and comfort of the operator.

Pick a type

There are different types of cabinets. Figure out which type is best suited to your needs. You could choose a direct suction blasting cabinet, a direct pressure blast cabinet, a wheel blast cabinet, specialized blast cabinet and more. Consider what you need and weigh the pros and cons of each one to arrive at a smart buying decision.

Consider wet or dry

If you want faster results, a dry media blast cabinet is the way to go. However, if you want little to no surface removal, then a wet blast cabinet will offer you the results you want.

Know the material

Before you pick blasting equipment, know the material you’re going to blast off. This system isn’t going to produce excellent results for all products so you’ll need to know in advance if using blasting equipment will lead to fracture or other damage to the material. If that’s the case, you may need to consider other options. Also, if the surface of the material you’re blasting off has hazardous chemicals, you’ll need to put a HEPA filter in place.

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