3 Tips For Evaluating An LTL Freight Broker

by | May 16, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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For small companies, or for big companies with a lot of small orders, using an LTL or less than truckload freight broker is a cost-saving idea and practice. However, find the right LTL freight broker to ensure you are getting the best prices and the most efficient shipping will take time and research.

Proven Record

In general look for a logistic company with a track record of working as an LTL freight broker and not a general freight broker. Often those companies without a lot of experience in LTL work don’t have the number of truckers and the access to the routes and loads to quickly and efficiently move your small cargo amounts.

This isn’t difficult to find out as all you have to do is ask the company about their experience as an LTL freight broker. You can also ask for one or two business references to will help you to verify the information they provide.

Services Offered

A top LTL freight broker will have excellent working relationships with fleets. They can offer you LTL services in everything from refrigerated trailers to trailers with lift gates for specialized types of delivery requirements.

It is important to be clear about any specific type of truck you may need or any protection for the load. In some cases, you may also need guaranteed delivery, and this should also be possible through a top freight broker.

Clear Shipping Rates

Your LTL freight broker should be able to explain clearly all shipping rates you can expect to pay for the loads they broker. There will be different rates based on the length of the haul, the class, the weight, as well as any special requirements you may have for the cargo or the delivery.

In addition trucking companies will also charge a fuel surcharge. As your LTL freight broker works on your behalf, he or she can often negotiate lower fuel surcharge prices since they keep the trucks loaded and moving, which is a benefit to your business.

It is always a good idea to shop around with different LTL freight broker firms until you find the company offering the rates, the shipping routes, and the special services you may need. Many of these brokers can also assist with other logistics issues you may need including warehousing and full truckload freight needs.

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