3 Things To Consider With Your Weigh Scale Manufacturer

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

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Buying an industrial scale may not be the most expensive piece of equipment in the facility, but it is one of the most important. A scale that is not able to stay calibrated can end up costing a company a significant amount of money over a day, week, month and year even if it is just slightly inaccurate.

In addition, without an accurate and dependable scale production quality can be negatively impacted as can the brand’s reputation. Working with a top weigh scale manufacturer when choosing the equipment is essential to avoid these situations.

Company Reputation

In any industry, the reputation of the equipment or system manufacturer should have a very high priority when making comparisons. There are a lot of weigh scales on the market that are very low price, many made with cheap load cells, plastic components and using low-grade metals, cables, and electronics.

Initially, these weigh scale manufacturer may look promising, at least from a price perspective. Take the time to review feedback and look at what those using the scales in real-world applications are saying. Often it is very negative about the scale, customer service and availability of parts.

Company Line of Products

There are only a handful of companies that offer a full line of scales for all types of industrial and commercial applications. Selecting a weigh scale manufacturer with a substantial line of products and an excellent reputation in the industries served will provide the selection, features and options needed.

With just a limited number of models in scales, it can be easy to miss features, functions, and options that can be essential in streamlining processes and boosting performance.

Repair and Service

The customer service and support received before buying should continue after the purchase. Take a close look at the service and customer support section of the manufacturer’s website. It should offer technical information as well as information on how to connect with the company for questions, service needs or emergency repair services.

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