3 Signs That You Need a Garage Door Repair Service in Winter Park, FL

You rely on your garage to keep your car and valuables safe, and the security is only as good as the garage door. Here are three signs that you may need the help of a garage door repair service.

Off the Track

Garage doors run on tracks that ensure smooth operation and prevent the heavy door from collapsing on your vehicle, belongings, and family. Your garage door may be off the track if it makes a loud noise, won’t open and close, or appears to be hanging down lower than normal. Putting a garage door back on the track is a difficult task, especially if you are doing it alone or aren’t sure how to remount it.

Broken Locks

Your garage door is designed to lock when it is closed. If you are not able to lock the garage door or if you can open the door when it should be locked, the mechanism is not working properly. The door may not be closing all the way or there may be a problem with the lock itself.

Broken Spring or Panel

The spring of your garage door eases operation, and the panel helps to protect your belongings. Replacing either of these components requires in-depth knowledge of how to dismantle the existing garage door and install the new parts. Working with the springs and panels of the garage door is a challenging task that is best left to professionals of a garage door repair service in Winter Park, FL, due to the risk of injury and property damage.

Where to Find a Garage Door Repair Service in Winter Park, FL

Discount Garage Doors Inc. offers residential garage door repair services. Call them today to learn more and schedule an appointment with one of their technicians.

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