3 Reasons You Need a Medical Power of Attorney in Houston

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Attorney

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Having a medical power of attorney in Houston is something everyone over the age of 21 should consider. Medical laws are very clear when it comes to who can make decisions about your health care if you are unable to make decisions for yourself. Having an appointed person that you trust to make those decisions for you, is very important.

The Laws

In cases where someone is injured, too sick to make decisions or otherwise incapacitated, the responsibility to make decisions on your behalf falls to your next of kin. Kin for medical law purposes are blood relatives unless you are married. If you are married than your spouse will make decisions for you, if you are unmarried and your parents are still living then they will be charged with making decisions. Those decisions include:

*  They type of medical treatment you will receive
Barring anyone from the hospital to see you
End of life decisions

It can be a heavy load for close family members to carry and more importantly they may not share your views on certain procedures.

3 Reasons

There are 3 very good reasons you should appoint someone via a medical power of attorney while you are well.

1. Take the burden off your family
2. Make sure your wishes are carried out
3. Have peace of mind

If there is an accident or an acute illness your closest relatives will already be under a great deal of stress. If everyone does not agree on a treatment course, arguing and bickering over your treatment can cause more harm than good.

As an adult you know what you want when it comes to your health care. You know how you feel about life support and other treatment options. Appointing someone you trust to carry out your wishes will make sure your wishes are honored.

Knowing that you are always covered will give you peace of mind.  10minutewill.com can help you with a medical power of attorney!

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