3 Reasons to Use an Animal Hospital for Dog Care in Lorton, VA

Animal hospitals in Lorton, Virginia do much more than just treat sick pets. Facilities like Crosspointe Animal Hospital offer a variety of services that ensure pets’ overall well-being. Because they offer such a broad range of services, hospitals are also convenient for pet owners. For example, clients often use them for routine preventative Dog Care in Lorton VA. A well-equipped clinic includes high-tech equipment that allows vets to provide fast, accurate diagnoses. Most centers also offer safe pet boarding.

Hospitals Offer Lifelong Well Care

Since routine physical checkups are the best way to keep animals healthy, many dog owners rely on animal hospitals for lifelong well care. It is common for owners to begin taking puppies to clinics soon after birth and some even monitor pups’ health while their mothers are pregnant. Regularly scheduled Dog Care in Lorton VA allows veterinarians to provide vaccines, assess patients’ overall health, recommend the best diets, and counsel owners on exercise requirements.

A Veterinary Clinic Provides High Tech Equipment

Clients also trust animal hospitals to provide fast, accurate diagnoses when dogs are injured or have unexplained health issues. Hospitals are typically equipped with x-ray machines and labs and may have MRI’s. They can perform dental procedures. Facilities are also prepared to do surgeries. Their surgical suites and recovery areas rival those used for humans. And, just like human hospitals, veterinary professionals carefully monitor patients’ post-op blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and respiration rates during recovery. Vets routinely provide spaying, neutering, orthopedic surgery, and procedures needed to repair injuries. They also microchip dogs so they can be identified if lost.

Owners Can Safely Board Dogs

Dog owners also turn to favorite animal hospitals for boarding services instead of leaving pets with friends or family. When animals stay with strangers, they can get stressed and will often upset household routines. In contrast, clinic boarding areas are designed to keep dogs calm, comfortable, and safe. Many staff members are trained in techniques that soothe dogs. Boarders are exercised, fed nutritionist diets, and monitored to ensure their well-being.

Many pet parents trust well-equipped animal hospitals to provide lifelong care for their dogs. An animal hospital like Crosspointe Animal Hospital offers high-tech equipment, wellness plans, and quality boarding facilities designed for pets’ comfort and care. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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