3 Reasons to Consider Getting a Stair Lift

Are you wondering if a stair lift might be helpful for you or a loved one? Here are three great reasons to bring one home from your local medical supply outlet:

Improving Mobility

The most obvious reason for considering a stair lift or other assistive device is increasing mobility in the home. For seniors or disabled individuals who live in multi-floor homes or who have stairs leading into and out of the home, it can be difficult to navigate those stairs. Using an assistive device allows you to use your entire home and property – without the struggle of climbing or descending stairs.

Preventing Injury

Falls are one of the top causes of injury in people over the age of 65. Some alarming fall injury statistics shared by the National Council on Aging include:

  • One in every four seniors experiences a fall resulting in injury or death every year.
  • Just over every ten seconds, a senior is treated for a trip or fall injury.
  • Falls are the leading cause of hospital admissions and death among seniors.

These statistics may make it appear that fall injuries and death are inevitable for seniors. This isn’t true. With the help of assistive devices, people over the age of 65 can remain safe in their homes without major lifestyle changes.

Lessening Symptoms

Many health conditions that older Americans experience involve limiting movement to lessen the severity of symptoms. However, this can also severely limit the amount that these patients are able to do, even in their own homes. To allow for increased mobility and productivity – without the resulting pain and increased symptom occurrence – the use of assistive devices is recommended.

When you’re ready to shop for a stair lift in Philadelphia, PA for yourself or a loved one, contact your doctor. They may be able to recommend funding assistance through insurance or independent companies that can help you bring home the help you need for less.

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