3 Reasons To Consider Cremation Services In Prairie Village, KS

When a person loses a loved one, there are plenty of arrangements that need to be made. Unless the deceased has already planned their funeral, it is up to the family. One of the first decisions that need to be made is whether the deceased will be buried or cremated. Of the two options, Cremation Services in Prairie Village, KS is more beneficial.

Cremation Costs Less

If money is an issue, the family should have their loved one cremated because it is much less expensive. There are plenty of fees associated with a burial. Preparation of the body, the cost of the casket, a plot in the cemetery, the headstone, and transportation to the cemetery are just a few of the expenses involved. The average price of burial is $7,000. If the family were to have their loved one cremated, the cost would be much lower since they won’t need to worry about many of the services associated with a burial. The average price of a cremation is between $1,000 and $3,000.

More Options

If the family has their loved one buried, the loved one would be buried in the cemetery with the plot marked with a headstone. If they have the loved one cremated, there are more options. If the family wishes, the remains can be buried in a cemetery, but there are other things they can do. Some people keep the ashes in an urn in the home so that they can always feel close to their loved one. If there was a special place the deceased loved, their ashes can be scattered there. There are even companies that can use the ashes in creative ways so the family can carry the loved one with them.

No Time Restrictions

If the family has their loved one cremated, they can have the funeral service immediately or wait as long as necessary. For example, if the family is flying in and they can’t be there for a week or two, the delay wouldn’t be a problem if the family has their loved one cremated. Also, if the family needs to have the funeral service right away, it is possible with cremation.

When a person loses a loved one, and they need to make their final arrangements, Cremation Services in Prairie village KS would be the better option. For more information, contact Amos Family Funeral Home & Crematory or check them out on Twitter.

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