3 Reasons to Buy an Invacare Full Electric Hospital Bed

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Medical Facilities

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Looking to find the right bed for hospital or home care? The Invacare full electric hospital bed comes packed with a host of features you can’t resist. Here are a few of the many benefits it offers.

Easily Adjustable

One of the greatest features you will find with an Invacare full electric hospital bed is it has multiple adjustment capabilities. There is full control over the way the bed can be positioned to support your head, feet and knees. Additionally, you can even change the height of the bed.

Something else you’ll love is all of these changes are possible with the accommodation and accessibility of electronic control. This instantly changes the position, providing comfort and convenience.

Safe and Secure

The bed is made with safety and security measures in mind for the patient. With wheels at the bottom for easy pushing and portability, the scratch-resistant Invacare full electric hospital bed can be transferred to any room with ease. This bed has the option to purchase with or without railing.

Provides Comfort

A good sleep can make all the difference in experiencing a stiff neck and a sore back the next day. With the Invacare full electric hospital bed, you will sleep comfortably in just about any position with the adjustability it provides. There are also several mattress options available to choose from, including an innerspring or foam mattress, just to name a few. All of them are soft and durable, as well as easy to wash and maintain.

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