3 Reasons Many Industries Choose Laser Fiber Engravers Over CO2

Engraving is a common process done to mark parts and products with critical information that pinpoints when it was made, where, and other product specific information. Having the right equipment on hand to get this done could mean looking for a fiber laser engraver for sale that meets your needs. Keep reading to find out why the fiber laser engraver is superior to the CO2 laser version.

1 – Smaller Operational Expenses

The cost of running engraving equipment can be higher if you choose a CO2 system. The cost of the gas to power the engraver far exceeds the expense of electricity to run a fiber laser engraver. Most fiber laser engravers are energy efficient and designed to give you higher performance results with less energy expended. It allows you to lower the cost to customers or easily absorb the expense yourself.

2 – High-Speed Engraving Capabilities

A fiber laser engraver doesn’t mess around when getting the job done. The ability to set the equipment at phenomenally high speeds and get the same excellent results make it a popular choice in equipment upgrade from CO2 models. Whether you are engraving on plastics, rubber, or tough metals, you’ll be impressed with the consistently high speed the fiber laser engraver operates.

3 – Reduced Preparation and Maintenance of Fiber Lasers

How much time is wasted in the wait for a CO2 laser to warm up enough to be effectively operational? A fiber laser has zero wait time. It’s ready to go whenever you want to get a project done. You also have no mirrors to clean or manual adjustments to make. Finding a quality fiber laser engraver for sale and adding it to your operation could make a huge difference in how much gets done each day.

The fiber laser engraver is a tool that stands out for high performance, tremendous speed, and offers little in the way of fuss or frequent maintenance. It’s considered one of the best engraving tools available.

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