3 Reasons Laser Cut Wedding Invites May be Right For You

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Weddings

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Weddings these days are all about making a statement, and everything from the cake to the dress is chosen to make a unique and lasting impression. One aspect of wedding planning that is key to setting the tone for any ceremony is the wedding invitation. If you and your fiancé want to make a statement before guests even set foot in the venue, invest in laser cut wedding cards.

Laser Cut Invitations Make a Bold Statement

Laser cut invites take time and precision, and when done right, the result is stunning. When invitees open that envelope, they are bound to be impressed. In addition to being intricate, laser cut cards are sophisticated, delicate and unique—all descriptors that you hope for guests to use to describe your ceremony. Give them a taste of what to expect of your big day and invest in laser cut invitations.

Laser Cut Cards Offer Versatility

With normal wedding invites, you’re limited by one main factor: material. Typical wedding invites use cardstock because that is the best material to print on, but what if you wanted to send out an invitation that wasn’t just colored paper? Well, that’s where laser cut wedding cards come in. With the laser method, you can cut any design you want into any material, including foil, plastics and even cloth.

Laser Cut Invites Are Affordable

Despite what many people think, laser cut cards are not just for the lite. Laser cut invites can be made at any price point, with prices varying depending on the material used and the intricacy of the design you want. If you are interested in laser cut invites, talk to your local wedding invite specialist about designing a card within your budget.

If you want to wow guests before they even step foot in your venue, invest in laser cut wedding cards. They’re versatile, make a statement and best of all, affordable. Visit regalcards.com

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