3 Questions to Ask Before Renting Storage in Camarillo

Despite the burgeoning trend of minimalism, there are still people who would rather have a stockpile of necessary things than have a minimalist and organized home. They simply do not understand why anyone would throw something perfectly usable away. Most often, this mentality comes with the price of a crowded and stuffy house. Thankfully, having all your trinkets and belongings accessible and keeping a clean home is not mutually exclusive. You can easily opt to look into storage. Camarillo is home to many companies you can trust with your appliances and furniture.

Thinking about renting storage space? The questions below would help you find the right one for your needs:

Ask if You Can Talk Directly to an On-Site Manager

Several storage in Camarillo redirect client calls to call centers. While this might be okay for some, knowing the actual person keeping your things safe is important. Having the site’s manager’s number handy would simply give you peace of mind. Besides, if something bad happens to your unit, it would be terribly hard to resolve the situation if you have to go through a third party.

Ask if They Can Furnish You with a List of Clients

Online reviews can only be so accurate. Moreover, there are shady means to get raving reviews and to increase a company’s Yelp rating. While conducting research online is diligent, take it a step further and ask the storage facility manager to furnish you with the past and current clients you can reach out to in order to get a clearer picture of the service that you intend to get. Always remember – a storage manager refusing to give you a short-list is already a big red flag.

Ask About Security

SecureSpace Self Storage in Camarillo keep up with the changing and developing security technology available. Gone are the days wherein lockers are kept safe with locks, keys and chains. The right storage space would be able to provide top of the line security measures for your belongings. When you are in the process of vetting storage companies, do not forget to ask about the security technologies they employ for their clients.

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