3 Pieces of Advice a Divorce Lawyer in Belvidere, IL, Will Provide

Whatever the circumstances, facing a divorce is not a happy event. You’re right to hire a divorce lawyer in Belvidere, IL, to represent you during this difficult time. As part of the support, your lawyer is likely to provide some advice. Here are a few things that you’re likely to hear.

One has to do with ensuring both parties have secured legal counsel. Even with an amicable split, the lawyer can only represent one party. If what started out as a friendly dissolution at first takes a turn for the worse, you’ll be glad that you have your own lawyer.

Another thing the lawyer will recommend is providing as much information as possible. Now is not the time to hide anything, whether it be finances or something that you or the other party has done. By making sure the legal counsel knows everything relevant to pursuing the divorce, it’s easier to handle any issues that may arise.

Finally, your divorce lawyer in Belvidere, IL, is likely to recommend allowing the legal counsel for each party to take the lead in negotiations. This does not mean you don’t have the final say in what you want in the settlement. It does mean your lawyer is aware of what you are entitled to under current laws and will seek to secure a fair share of the marital assets. That’s an easier task when you say little and only speak through your legal counsel.

Don’t attempt to divorce without having a layer on your side. In the end, you’ll be happy to have someone who is looking out for your interests.

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