3 Key Design Elements Of Classic Craftsman Doors

There are many new door manufacturers today that are using elements of classic door styles and designs to create new, innovative yet distinctive types of design options. For anyone wanting an updated version of the classic Craftsman doors of years gone by these new design options, it can be a terrific option to consider.

There are also a few door manufacturers selling what they are calling Craftsman doors that actually bear very little resemblance to the classic design and style. While these doors may be beautiful and very well designed, if you want the Craftsman style it has to be recognizable as such.

To have a true Craftsman style, there are at least three different design features to look for in the door. It is possible to have variations and modifications, but these components really are the hallmark of this very specific design.

Dentil Shelf and Smaller Lites

While actually two different elements, the dentil shelf and the smaller, rectangular vertically-oriented lites, or small windows, are hand-in-hand features of traditional Craftsman doors.

It is possible to have a traditional Craftsman door without one or the other, and many of the new styles have the option of adding or removing the dentil shelf, but this is certainly a design element that is unique to this style of door.

The lites can also be in smaller groups of two square lites to form the rectangular orientation, and there is even the option to use one single larger lite and still accomplish the desired look.

Panel Style

Most of the traditional Craftsman doors will have a three-panel door with the panels framed with raised stiles on side, a thicker bottom rail and a crossrail that separates the bottom two-thirds of the door from the dentil self and the lites.

It is not traditional for there to be rails, the raised cross pieces, throughout the door. This is commonly associated with the Mission or the Shaker style, but not with the Craftsman design.

Natural Wood

While you will find Craftsman doors that are painted, traditionally these doors were stained to allow the natural grain and beauty of the wood to take center stage. Top manufacturers carefully choose woods with the best grain to really make the doors stand out. Stain, which can be selected to match any home, further enhances the natural color and protects the wood.

Choosing Craftsman doors for a home is a great idea. These American door styles are perfect in new homes as well as for replacement doors in older homes, and they certainly provide a sense of traditional and classic style.

The designs of Craftsman doors offered at Nick’s Building Supply offer both a very traditional look as well as a modern twist on a classic. To see all of our doors visit us online at www.nicksbuilding.com. For more updates you can follow them on Twitter.

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