3 Important Considerations When Comparing Marijuana Dispensaries In San Diego

by | Feb 5, 2016 | Healthcare

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When you use medical marijuana, choosing from the many different marijuana dispensaries in San Diego can be confusing, at least until you find an outlet that you like.

There are some simple ways to determine if you are in a great dispensary or a dispensary that may not have all the strains, options and features that you need. Unfortunately, some dispensaries are not operated in ways that are beneficial to their clients. Instead, they operate using employees who may not be using industry recommended standards for handling the product, and they may also be less than ethical in their dealings with their clients.

Due Care
There have been safe protocols developed for the dispensing of medical marijuana that marijuana dispensaries in San Diego should have in place. The way that the employee removes the cannabis from the container, how it is weighed, and how it is handled and packaged are all of concern to you as the customer.

Know Your Strains
The internet is full of information on medical marijuana and which strains provide specific symptom relief. It is well worth your time to stay current as new strains and hybrids are developed that are beneficial for patients experiencing specific health issues.

Ideally, each dispensary should provide information about the THC level, the CBD level and even the effects of using the specific strain. Watch for qualifiers such as mild, medium, or intense as these can be subjective and not at all uniform across all users.

Choice In Products
While most people looking for marijuana dispensaries in San Diego are looking for marijuana to smoke to relieve their health issues, there may be other products to consider as well.

At top dispensary will also provide topical applications such as creams and lotions that can be helpful for a variety of symptoms. Additionally, look for edible marijuana items that may include desserts, treats and even candy-type preparations. These are often difficult to determine strength and dosage levels, so clear information on the amount of marijuana in the edible item will be important.

The best marijuana dispensaries in San Diego will also offer different options in sativa, indica or hybrid blends, and this will be important in selecting for the control of different symptoms. Additionally, having different varieties allows you to choose the type of marijuana based on your individual needs and to also give options if tolerance becomes an issue with the current variety of choice.

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