3 Factors To Consider Before Contacting Box Truck Leasing Services In Texas

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Automotive

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As a business owner, a fleet manager or even an owner/operator, choosing to lease a truck is a very smart financial decision. As with any decision, there are specific factors that should be considered before making a choice and when turning to box truck leasing services you will need to consider issues with both the truck as well as the leasing company.

In Texas, having a leasing company that has the ability to fill the truck requirements for your needs as well as provide a range of services is going to be a critical factor. While there are lots of leasing companies out there, once you start comparing the quality of the vehicles provided with the lease and the services you can expect, you quickly find the list shrinking down to just a handful.

Size of Truck

It is ideal to work with a box truck leasing service that offers a good selection of trucks of all makes, models and sizes. This not only gives you the opportunity to pick the correct truck for your needs but to also provide you with the option to scale up or down as those needs change.

Having several different models and makes of trucks to choose from is really a benefit to the business with the leased vehicles. You have the option to take extended test drives to find out which vehicle is the best match for your drivers and the type of cargo you haul.

Type of Driving

Before contacting the box truck leasing service take a few minutes and consider the type of conditions your drivers typically work under. It is important to have a truck that is highly maneuverable in smaller spaces, a truck that allows maximum visibility in high traffic driving conditions or a truck that has a refrigeration unit or other specialized equipment or racking in the cargo area?

The more specific you can be about driving needs the more effectively the leasing company can match you with the right vehicle.

Services Expected

The top truck leasing services will offer a range of different services for their customers. This may include maintenance programs as part of the lease as well as inspections, licensing and roadside assistance.

Many of the best Texas leasing companies also offer discounted rental services for their customers, allowing customers to increase their fleet size as needed to address seasonal demands. This is a real savings opportunity and one that most businesses will rely on at one time or another to keep their deliveries on schedule.

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