3 Different Wedding Types for 3 Different Timelines

Two people in love want to spend the rest of their lives together as married spouses. There may seem to be only one way of doing this: having a big wedding that involves both future spouses inviting their closest family members and friends to a lavish ceremony. However, that is not necessarily the most ideal scenario for all couples – especially those that are running on a tight time schedule. Here are 3 separate wedding types of couples attached to 3 different timelines.

Elopement Ceremony with a Witness (if required)

Some lovebirds just want to run off and get married or have a very small ceremony with just themselves and an officiant. The elopement used to be looked down on as a ceremony option, but has evolved as a more popular option for today’s couples primarily because of its affordability and overall convenience. Many elopement companies specialize in quick military weddings to extravagant destination weddings that can be planned and executed with very short notice.

Small Wedding with Small Audience

Another option is just to have a small wedding with a small audience. No one ever said that a large crowd of attendees at a wedding was a requirement; it is more of a traditional option. There is absolutely nothing wrong with planning a small wedding and/or simple dinner with a reasonably sized group of attendees to enjoy the occasion with you. All you really will need is a minister on hand to officiate the ceremony.

Court House Wedding

Your local Court House essentially provides couples with a venue and a judge ready to perform a legal civil wedding. For instance, military weddings usually require that the couple get married before the couple is deployed. For, this reason a court house wedding is quick and efficient. Even though getting married at the court house is not necessarily the most “ideal” option for most couples, it is still good to know that it is at least an option.

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