3 Common Mistakes When Hiring A Product Design Firm

Every Original Equipment Manufacturer has a first project that launches the business. This is the most challenging project for most San Diego companies as the business has to try to learn the ropes and find the areas where they need specialized services and expert help.

One of the critical areas of any type of new component, device, product or part is in the design process. A mistake in this area can create problems with the development of the prototype, add costs to the development process or even cause delays that hurt the ability to corner the market.

The good news is that hiring a product design firm can prevent these issues. As with any type of service provider, there are different levels of professionalism, experience, and expertise that need to be considered when hiring these experts. To help your business get off to a good start, here are three mistakes to avoid when hiring any product design firm.

Mistake 1: Letting the Quote Make the Decision

All product design firms will provide a quote on any given project based on the specific services requested. It is a good idea to compare quotes, but don’t let the lowest price be the deciding factor. The best firms hire top professionals and use the latest in software and hardware, plus they offer a greater range of services.

The lowest price is often with a company with limited professionals, limited technology, and limited services.

Mistake 2: Not Considering Specific and Broad Experience and Expertise

Most firms will have areas of specialization such as mechanical, electrical or software and then subcontract for other elements in the design. They also have specific industries they work with as well as a general expertise across industries.

This combination is ideal for most OEMs as it ensures experience in general design as well as focus on their niche area.

Mistake 3: Choosing the Big Company

There are small and large product design firm options in the San Diego area. Choosing the company based on size alone is not always the best for your business, particularly if your project is small.

Instead, consider a company that will work with you and provides the focus on your design to stay on the timeline to move to production.

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