2 Reputable Brands of Cuban Cigars You Should Acquire and Try in the UK

Have you tried virtually every brand of cigarettes in the market and are now looking to level up by smoking cigars? Have you and your friends been engaging in deep conversation about the types of premium cigars you should procure and try first? Have you heard all the rage about Cuban cigars and are wondering about the best brands to try? If so, then here are two well-known brands of Cuban cigars you should acquire.


One of the most famously known brands of Cuban cigars is from a company called Montecristo. This company has been producing premium cigars in Havana since 1935. One of the most sought-after Montercristo cigars enjoyed by the masses is the Montecristo 75th Anniversario No.4.

H Upmann

Another well-known brand of Cuban cigars is H Upmann. This brand was established in 1844 and also produces premium cigars. For an aromatic, full-bodied, and rich cigar, consider smoking their Reserve series cigars.

Where to Buy Exceptional Quality Tobacco Products

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