2 Options For A Long Lasting Rawhide Alternative

One of the reasons that rawhide bones gained such popularity was the long chewing time they provided for dogs. This made dog owners feel good as their pet had a bone to chew on for more than a few minutes. The obvious downsides to rawhide, including very real choking and digestive risks, has caused dog owners to start searching for a healthy long lasting rawhide alternative.

There are two options for a long lasting rawhide alternative that is not a nylon, rubber or plastic type of toy. While these do provide the exercise for the jaw and help with dental hygiene, most dogs will still want something flavorful and enjoyable to chew on.

Option 1: Raw Bones

Raw bones are perhaps the healthiest option, but they also have their risks. Raw meat can contact bacteria that can make both dogs and human’s sick, which means additional care needs to be taken in buying only fresh bones and following correct storage and handling procedures.

Raw bones need to be carefully sized to prevent the dog from chewing through the bone and potentially swallowing parts whole which can lead to choking. Additionally, bones need to be removed when they start to splinter or after a few hours, particularly in the summer months when flies and insects are a consideration. Typically, these raw bones will need to be fed outdoors due to the mess factor for floors indoors.

Option 2: Healthy Chew Bones

New types of long lasting rawhide alternative bones made from baked pork skin offer the great flavor and satisfaction of real bones, but they also offer a safe alternative to rawhide.

These bones are crunchy and offer a long time of chewing enjoyment. However, they do not splinter like real bones, nor will they become a sodden mass like rawhide.

Instead, these bones are fully consumed by the dog, providing oral hygiene while also satisfying that urge to chew. They can be safely fed indoors without having to worry about spending time cleaning up after the dog has enjoyed the treat.

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