2 Frequently Asked Questions About Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing in FL

Do you often experience some form of nerve pain and is gradually becoming worse? Have you tried to change your diet in hopes to find relief but have found that you constantly depend on over-the-counter medications to help temporarily relieve the pain instead? Have you been told that you should try nerve conduction velocity (NCV) testing but have a few questions in mind before visiting a diagnostic center that offers this procedure? If you answered yes, then here are two frequently asked questions about this diagnostic procedure to help put your mind at ease.

Does it Hurt or Is It Painful?

One of the most asked questions about this particular type of diagnostic examination is if the procedure hurts or is painful. An adhesive patch is placed on certain areas of your skin over nerves. A very mild electrical current or impulse is then used to assess any abnormalities for a proper diagnosis. The pain is typically described as a minor discomfort.

How Can This Diagnostic Procedure Help?

Another frequently asked question about nerve conduction velocity (NCV) testing is how this procedure will help you find relief from the pain you are suffering. This diagnostic examination is used to specifically target the cause of your nerve pain so you can be prescribed a highly effective treatment plan.

The Leading Center That Offers This Diagnostic Examination

Perhaps you are now searching for the leading diagnostic center that offers
NCV testing in Orlando. Contact or visit the experts at MD Diagnostic Specialists. They offer high-quality diagnostic services that include nerve conduction velocity testing, electromyography testing, and more. So, when searching for a reputable diagnostic center that offers NCV testing in Orlando, they are the ones you should visit for the highest quality care. Visit them online atĀ https://www.mymdds.com today.

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