With Great Celebrity Comes Great Responsibility: Spreading Positivity by Positive Celebrity News

For whatever reason, people love celebrity gossip and news. There are whole sites dedicated to such news and the sites report on almost anything about their private lives that they can get their hands on, no matter how minor. Because they know people are interested.

For this reason, celebrities should be aware of the power they possess. It is the power of fame, to influence and to set an example for their followers to, well, follow. By the lives they live, they can say that promiscuity and drugs are good and money is all you need. Or they can use that influence to send a positive message of love, peace and unity. Some celebrities who are savvy to the power of their influence use it to accomplish great things.

Feminism: Not Just a Girl Thing

In 2014, Emma Watson, the actress who rose to fame as the heroine Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movie series, made the news when she delivered a speech advancing feminism in a way that does not beat down on men but rather invite them to fight for it too. That is a positive message of unity between the genders, rather than what feminism sounds like at times: the tearing down of men for the building up of women. Other celebrities have since sounded their own support for Watson’s stand.

Celebs Go Green

The celebrities of Hollywood, in 2013, made it a point to inspire their fellow men to care for the environment by going green and building environmentally-friendly homes as well as living lifestyles that are sustainable.

My point being, since celebrities are already making the news so frequently, they might as well make use of it to positively impact the world watching them so closely by making positive life choices and stands.

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