Why Professional Sewer Repair in Bremerton, WA Should Include Video Inspection

For many decades Bremerton plumbers used a combination of experience and a process of elimination to identify sewer problems. That is because, unlike indoor fixtures, residential sewer systems include many elements, most of which are underground. Today, high-quality Sewer Repair in Bremerton WA typically begins with a video inspection. The process allows technicians to pinpoint issues and offer permanent solutions. Video inspections also let customers identify things they can do to prevent future problems.

Video Quickly Narrows Down the Problem

Modern plumbers who provide Sewer Repair in Bremerton WA now routinely use video inspections to quickly diagnose a range of problems. They use cameras that are attached to sewer lines. Technicians insert video camera lines into drains in order to view their interiors in real time. They can see their progress on monitors which are in front of them. When their feed shows a blockage, professionals evaluate the situation.

Technicians Can Offer The Right Fix

Experienced plumbers use video in order to determine the right type of fix for each problem. Their video feed allows them to clearly spot issues such as hand towels that have been flushed down toilets. Plumbers can tell when blockages are due to grease in drains or “flushable” wipes that can cause obstructions. These are easy fixes. However, a video inspection can also detect sewer lines obstructed by tree roots or broken pipes, which are more complex.

Clients Learn How to Prevent Further Problems

Plumbers show clients the results of their video inspections and may even encourage them to view inspections as they are happening. That not only lets homeowners see that technicians are telling them the truth, but also gives them a chance to see where they may have contributed to problems. For instance, customers can see how specific items can clog drains, even if they seem OK.

It is important that residential plumbers use video inspections to diagnose backed drains. Video camera lines allow for quick diagnoses and make it easier for plumbers to provide the best repairs. Videos can also educate customers by letting them learn which items can and cannot go into home drains and toilets.

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