When to Call an Industrial Pipe Supply Company

Industrial piping must meet different needs than piping used in other industries such as in automobile manufacturing or plumbing. Industrial pipes often carry chemicals that can corrode the pipes. They also have specific pressure requirements that must be met for continual use.

Industrial Process Piping
If you have an industrial process piping need, you should call an industrial pipe supply company. These companies provide industrial-specific piping that will meet the specifications of your project. Industrial process piping can be made of many different things depending on the need, including aluminum, plastic, copper, fiberglass, concrete, glass, wood and of course steel.

If the engineer who created the pipe design and the piping and instrumentation diagrams has allowed options for specific areas of pipe, an industrial pipe supply company can help you determine which choice is best for the job.

Industrial Applications
Other than the basic plumbing needs of any job site, pipes in industrial applications fill a variety of needs specific to that environment. Oil and gas projects have one of the greatest needs for carbon steel pipe in particular. However, any type of industrial plant will need a plethora of pipe in order to run efficiently. Many require ongoing movement of raw liquids and semi-processed fluids throughout the plant in order to complete a specific manufacturing process. Some of these liquids are highly corrosive.

Testing Industrial Pipes
An industrial pipe supply company will be sure to test every pipe before it leaves the factory. The most important test for industrial applications is one that ensures the stress load of the pipe. This test evaluates whether or not the pipe can handle the amount of stress that will be placed on it during its intended use. Any pipe that does not pass the test is used for scrap and a new pipe is manufactured in its place.

It is critical that all pipes can handle the necessary stress load. Another common test is one to ensure the coating on a pipe is correct for the application. This ensures that a pipe will not corrode due to the liquid or other material passing through it.

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