When to Call a Roofer in Frankfort, IL

Your roof optimizes and protects your home in a variety of ways: it provides insulation during the oldest and hottest months of the year and it shields the interior from weather elements.

To ensure that your roof can handle these important responsibilities, it’s important that you stay on top of your roof’s maintenance when necessary. For major repairs or regular maintenance, here’s when you need to contact a professional roofer in Frankfort, IL.

1. You’ve Noticed Wet Spots or Leaks: Check your roof regularly; if you notice any signs of water damage, you’ll want to call a roofer ASAP in order to prevent serious damage.

2. You’re Due for a Checkup: Regular maintenance and inspections can help you avoid major, costly issues. To ensure that your roof stays in tip-top condition, consider a roofing inspection every six to twelve months.

3. The Flashing Is Damaged: These are your metal sheets that prevent water from entering your home. If you notice that your flashing is pulling away from the roof, oxidizing, deteriorating, or damaged, contact a roofer to prevent leaks before they start occurring.

4. Shingles Are Missing: Your shingles work to protect your roof’s interior by shielding it from nature’s elements. If you notice missing shingles or excessive granule loss, contact a roofing professional to address the problem.

5. Gutters Are Damaged: Gutters play a crucial role by directing water away from your home. If your gutters are damaged, clogged, or leaking, you’ll want to get a repair.

6. Your Roof Has Reached its End of Life: Roofs are generally designed to last anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Around this time, you may want to think about replacing your roof entirely.

Now that you know when to call a roofer, you need to know which roofer to call. Contact Mueller Roofing Inc. for more information about roofing maintenance and services today.

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