What Is an Inconel 718 Bar?

There are many different metals that are commonly used in industrial and aircraft applications. When you’re looking for supplies for your aircraft or for your industrial machinery, you really should look for a supplier who sells to militaries. Military applications are oftentimes life and death situations, so you know that you can count on the supplies and suppliers that militaries trust. People’s lives rely on great supplies. If a military can trust the lives of its members to these supplies, you can probably trust them with your industry or your aircraft as well. When you’re looking for aircraft and industrial supplies, you probably see Inconel mentioned a lot. You might even know that you need an Inconel 718 bar, but what exactly is Inconel?


Inconel isn’t actually one material, but is a family of alloys that are often called superalloys. They are combinations of nickel and chromium. They are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which makes them great for use in extreme environments that are subject to high pressure and high heat. That’s why an Inconel 718 bar is so great for aircrafts and industrial machines. The heat and pressure in an aircraft or an industrial machine can be incredibly high. Luckily, inconel is designed for just this sort of scenario.

How Inconel Responds

In a high pressure or high heat situation, Inconel forms a layer of oxide that protects from further damage. It is a passivating oxide layer that is thick and stable. It manages to retain its strength over a very wide temperature range. In situations where aluminum or steel might succumb to metal creep, Inconel does not move. Creep is the situation in which pressure and heat cause metal to deform by stretching or bending. Inconel doesn’t have the vacancies in its formation that can cause a metal to deform. In a scientific sense, space does not open up when the molecules of the metal become more active.

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