Waukesha Means Quality

Accomplishing Waukesha wholesaler status is difficult. Truth be told, Lincoln Suppliers is one of just two guaranteed waukesha pump distributor in Minnesota. This certification guarantees that we can offer superb positive displacement pumps and C series centrifugal pumps, alongside an extensive variety of extra parts.

The Long History of Waukesha Cherry-Burnell

In 2001, SPX obtained United Dominion—which incorporated the Waukesha Cherry-Burnell mark. This procurement united organizations who had a long history working with and understanding the process, food & beverage, and dairy manufacturers.

Consolidated with our own 30+ years of effectively providing clean and mechanical preparing gear for similar enterprises, we have turned into the one-stop hotspot for most businesses who are searching for quality Waukesha valves and pumps.

As Waukesha pump distributors, we supply pumps, as well as have dispersion equipment, valves, and scratched surface heat exchangers. We are satisfied to be a merchant of such a powerful brand—one that is devoted to expanding efficiency while keeping up item quality.

Utilizing Modern Technology

Another favorable position of being a Waukesha pump wholesaler is that we can utilize SPX innovation. From the Flow SPX VR application to their Connect application, our clients can quickly view, by means of their Android or iOS framework programming, the model and serial number of their SPX item. It’s a quick and straightforward approach to figure out whether any repairs should be made or if any parts should be supplanted.

We can repair pumps and recondition units productively and adequately. If your pumps ever require a repair, we are an approved repair shop. Moreover, we have a “speedy ship program” meaning we can get new models and parts to you rapidly.

Here at Lincolns Suppliers, Inc we exceed expectations as Waukesha pump suppliers and intentionally convey a generous load of stock for 24 hour conveyances. For more information about our products, or to talk with our sales staff, call 800-622-8425.

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