Types Of Low-Cost Promotional Items To Consider

Most businesses already know the benefits of giving away promotional items to potential customers and those who’ve been loyal. It’s a way to say thank you to clients and a way to remind potentials that you’re there and ready to serve them. However, low-cost options are also a necessity in this slow economy. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on each item, but want them to be affordable and used by the target audience.


Everyone always needs pens to be able to jot down information, to sign checks and to pay bills. Most people always have a pen in their vehicle, purse or shirt pocket, so why shouldn’t they have one with your company information? You can find options from $1 upwards, making them a low-cost item worth every penny.


Who doesn’t have a lot of keys and need a place to keep them all together? Most people have a key to their car and home, as well as sheds, garages, safety-deposit boxes and the like. Therefore, giving away a keychain with your information is one of the best promotional items they’ll ever use.

Toys/Stress-Relief Items

Adults love toys, especially those that can double as stress-relief balls. Consider a bulldozer stress-relief item imprinted with your information for a creative and fun way to get people’s interest.

Tote Bags

With all the eco-friendly and go green options out there, why not give away tote bags as your promotional items? They’ll get used at every grocery store and hopefully at your store, as well. Some are as inexpensive as a quarter apiece. Just make sure that you choose one that will be large enough, but not too big. You can also find various styles, such as the traditional double-handle fabric or cord, as well as others. Visit DKSpecialties at http://www.dkspecialties.com for more information.

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