Three Advantages to Holding Graveside Services

After a loved one has passed away, you will have many decisions to make about their funeral. You can decide to hold a service in a church or at the funeral home, or you can opt for a direct burial, which is also known as a graveside service. Holding the funeral service for the deceased at their grave has advantages, such as offering a less formal, less expensive, and simpler service.

Less Formal

If the deceased wasn’t religious, then a formal service in a church may not be something they would have wanted. Graveside services are less formal, so the attendees won’t need to dress up if they prefer not to. If the deceased enjoyed the outdoors, then holding a graveside service may be more appropriate for the deceased.

Less Expensive

Graveside services are less expensive than holding a memorial service in a church or funeral home. When you have a church service or a memorial at a funeral home, you will pay a fee to the facility and to the officiant, even if you are a member of the church. A graveside service lets you save the money that would be otherwise spent on the church or funeral home service.

Simpler Service

Holding graveside services allows for more simplicity than a church or funeral home service. You don’t have to worry about buying flowers, selecting music, or asking friends to be pallbearers. In addition, a graveside service is often better if you are having a private funeral for only the family and a few friends as it allows them to say their goodbyes where the deceased will be buried.

Whether the deceased is going to be cremated or embalmed and buried in a casket, you can honor them with a simple graveside service. This prevents the attendees from needing to drive to two places to pay their final respects. For more information visit contact Hansen Mortuary at (208) 436-5636 for more details. You can connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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