The Perks of Getting Photo Booths

There’s nothing like the thought of a boring to scare guests away. If you’re looking for a way add more fun to your event, consider getting photo booths instead. Here’ why:

Your guests love it
Guests won’t be able to help themselves. They’ll line up at the booth the first chance they get. Some will even return for a second round or two. Friends and family alike will love going in front of the screen, doing wacky poses and making faces. It’s a fun way to spend the hours at a party.

It breaks the ice
It’s easy to talk to strangers when you see them making silly faces at the booth. That can effectively break the ice, says Meetings Imagined. If you invited different groups of friends—old school friends, current work mates or old bosses—putting a photo booth in their midst can help break the ice and make the event less awkward and more fun for them. Who knows? It might just offer them the chance to get to know each other.

It’s available in different styles
There are plenty of photo booth options out there. You won’t have any trouble finding one to suit the vibe and ambiance you want to create for your event. Whether you want to go for something with scrapbook effects, a prop box, acrylic frames or even video messaging features, you can find these booths with ease. Some also come with Facebook upload features so your guests can get a copy of their photos online.

It’s entertaining
Photo booths are a win in parties because they can be customized and personalized. With a range of options, you and your loved ones will have the time of your lives, posing for pictures with friends and family.

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