The Chain Sling – Three Types Explained

Regarding the need to handle and lift heavy loads, particularly those in the construction and industrial sectors, though use of the chain sling can be one of the most important elements of the process. Flexible, strong and temperature resistant, chain slings enable the ranking of heavy loads that are subject to an array of various conditions. Anytime a load is lifted in a professional setting, or otherwise, it is extremely important that all required safety precautions and measures are taken before, during and after the lift has occurred. Various types of chain slings are used in different scenarios – these include single leg, double leg, and multi-leg. You will also find different sizes and styles offered with these products.

These three types of chain slings are briefly explained below.

Single Sling
As is obvious from the name, the single leg chain sling consists of a single chain length that is used to support the load. Having an even load distribution during the lift is of the utmost importance. Sling grab hooks, master links with sling hooks, and foundry hooks can all be relevant and important when using a single chain sling. Some slings support an endless basket configuration; while others support an adjustable configuration. A grade 80 chain will utilize links sizes as large as 7/8 of an inch. Links sizes with a grade 100 chain can extend to 1 ¼ of an inch. Weight capacities for a single chain sling can reach 70,000 pounds.

Double Sling
The double leg chain sling incorporates two individual chain links. You can have master links with a foundry, sling hook, or grab hook the double leg sling. Double endless basket and adjustable configurations are also available. The double sling version with grade 80 and grade 100 chains offer the same 7/8 inch and 1 ¼ inch links sizes respectively. Some double sling models can handle weight capacities that are greater than 100,000 pounds.

Multi Sling
A multi-leg sling configuration may be the right choice for weight capacities in excess of 180,000 pounds. The multi chain sling is used for lifting very heavy items – these slings can incorporate three or more chains in the configuration. You can find these chain slings with the same sizes and grades as mentioned above for the single and double slings.

Before the use of any configuration involving chain slings, it is vital to ensure that the configuration and its use abides by all required building and safety codes and standards.

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