The Benefits of Workmans Comp in Philadelphia and How to Handle Denied Claims

It is important for employees to understand what Workman’s comp in Philadelphia is and why it was designed and created. Essentially, it is supposed to provide coverage in cases where employees obtain work-related conditions or injuries. This program, which is mandated by the state, requires employers to obtain this very crucial type of insurance. This will enable them to pay for an employee’s health care and treatment as well as make payments to employees who are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. The program is incredibly beneficial and much needed. Employees who have been injured at work or are suffering from a condition they sustained as a result of their work will endure many inconveniences while trying to recover. At least they will not have to worry about the loss of income or high medical bills thanks to Workman’s comp in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, some employees have found that actually obtaining these benefits is not as easy as they had expected. Many have discovered that even though they do indeed qualify for benefits, their claim may still be initially denied. This is certainly not uncommon. Properly filing an appeal is imperative. Allowing an experienced legal professional to assist in this task is an effective solution. Sadly, many employers and insurance companies tend to make the process quite difficult for those applying. They may not only attempt to reduce the length of time the payments will cover but may suggest that certain injuries or conditions are not actually covered, even if they are. Giving up on something that is so essential to those who need the assistance and is entitled is not the right way for employees to go about having their claim denied.

Some of the more common valid reasons for a claim to be denied and is not covered under this program may range from self-inflicted, reckless playing, and non-employees or contractor injuries, to off the job, fighting, and injuries sustained after being terminated or laid off. However, many individuals who have been turned down do not fall under these categories and have valid work-related injuries or conditions that have still been denied. Some of the more common valid work-related injuries that are covered under this insurance may range from falls from scaffolds, repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) such as carpal tunnel, and inhaling chemicals at work, to back problems, stress related, and more. For more information, please contact

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