The Benefits Of PHP CodeIgniter

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessors, which is a scripting language that is used for web development. It is often the best choice for Atlanta web developers to use as it is a top all-purpose scripting language that can also work with HTML as in embedded option.

The use of PHP is limited to the server side scripting, which means it is used on the web server as the programming language. It can be used with HTML and HTML5 a well as a variety of templates for websites, frameworks and web content management systems. It can be used for any data, which is why it is such an essential component for websites.

What Is CodeIgniter?

While PHP is the most often used scripting language, it does have a large framework. This is where PHP CodeIgniter comes into play, as it offers a full PHP powered framework with a much smaller footprint. In other words, it offers a streamlined version of the full PHP framework that helps developers to more efficiently access the tools they need without a lot of the things they don’t.

Benefits of PHP CodeIgniter

As this is only used by web development companies, it is not something that the typical do-it-yourselfer will encounter in setting up a website. But, when using an Atlanta website development company using CodeIgniter, there will be some advantages.

These include:

  • Fast and reliable, allowing for easy modification of any existing framework to work across different platforms.
  • Highly efficient for web application development in less time and with fewer issues in testing across multiple platforms and systems.
  • Offers full-featured databases that can operate across multiple platforms
  • Provides full email with multiple protocols
  • Provides full data encryption
  • Offers data and form validation
  • Provides URLs that are search-engine friendly
  • Complete set of helper functions

The use of PHP CodeIgniter by an Atlanta web development companies allows for a top website or application design and performance across multiple devices. This will translate into lower development costs with high satisfaction levels for end users.

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