The Advantages Of Buying A Car From A Dealer

Although there are other options, the two most popular ways to get a car is either to purchase a used car from a private seller or rely on a car dealership for a high quality used car, a certified pre-owned car or a new car. There is bound to be less stress when you deal with an individual but there are far more good reasons to purchase your next car from a Ford dealer in Chicago Ridge.

Optional equipment:

When you buy a car from a private individual the vehicle “is what it is, where it is.” Unlike a car dealer, there is no way you can choose additional options. Not options like new wheels or a great sound system, these can be bought elsewhere. When you opt to buy from a dealer you can add options that simply are not available anywhere else.

If you would like to extend the warranty, a dealer can arrange that. Want to negotiate a few nice perks such as free oil changes, you can do this with a dealer, you certainly cannot do this when you buy privately.


Far more important than a free oil change is knowing that the dealer will be there when you need him. Reputation in the community is extremely important to a Ford dealer in Chicago Ridge. Dealers that don’t treat customer’s right don’t last long. The best dealers work hard to build and protect their reputation. If something goes wrong with a car you bought privately there is no recourse at all, when you buy from a dealer things are different.


If you are prepared to pay cash for the car, financing is not an issue. However, if you are like most car buyers, securing financing is important. A Ford dealer in Chicago Ridge is in a position to offer attractive financing alternatives from their team of car financing specialists.

If you are preparing to purchase a new or used car there are numerous benefits to working closely with a Ford dealer in Chicago Ridge. You are invited to visit Hawk Ford Oak Lawn.

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