Save older solid wood flooring with Floor Refinishing

When a solid wood floor has become scratched or stained, there is no need to tear it out and start over. There are very good Floor Refinishing Companies to save New York Wood Flooring. If a wood floor is level and not badly damaged by fire or water, it can usually be sanded down and refinished to look like new. How does one tell if a floor is savable? Is refinishing very expensive? Would it be cheaper to cover it over with carpet or another type of flooring? What is involved in refinishing a wood floor?

How does one tell if a wood floor is savable? If a wood floor is solidly attached and level, it may be worth refinishing. If there are only shallow scratches, they can be sanded out, but deep gouges and dents may pose a problem. If a whole room or home has continuous wood flooring, without bad damage or staining, it can probably be refinished. On the other hand, if there are areas of wood missing or very badly damaged, there may be a problem with refinishing it. The flooring should be solid wood, not laminate or engineered wood. The best thing to do is call a New York Wood Flooring refinishing specialist and ask what they would advise.

Is refinishing a wood floor expensive? Floor Refinishing is usually less expensive than installing new flooring. The cost to refinish a wood floor will depend on the amount of screening or sanding needed, the amount of staining to deal with, and the color and layers of finish to be applied. Professional wood floor refinishers are willing to come to the home to look at a floor and give a free estimate for the refinishing job. One can have two or three free estimates from different companies and choose the best one. That is the best one, not the cheapest one. The homeowner needs a good job at a reasonable price.

Refinishing a wood floor involves removing everything from the space to be worked on. Then the floor is screened. This process involves several different sandings from course sandpaper to finer sandpaper until the wood floor is smooth and as much like new as possible. Then the wood is stained and has several layers of finish applied. Each layer of finish requires drying time. The family may vacate the space during this process. For more information, please visit the website.

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